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  • Java Engineer (GCP + DevOps)

Java Engineer (GCP + DevOps)

  • Full time
  • Remote
  • Development Chapter

What role will you play?

  • Optimizing the performance of the existing microservices
  • Designing new scalable microservices with the tools provided by GCP
  • Hunt for and fix performance issues in running microservices
  • If necessary, writing up technical specifications
  • Building microservices in Spring Boot
  • Containerizing microservices using Docker
  • Deploying microservices to GKE
  • Maintaining the microservices infrastructure to ensure high availability
  • Hands-on experience with GCP tools such as IAM, GKE, Cloud Pub/Sub, Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL, Stackdriver, and Cloud Profiler
  • If necessary, writing up internal documentation to share knowledge with the team
  • If interested, some DevOps tasks

What are we looking for?

  • You are a Spring Boot expert: minimum 5-7 years of experience building applications and microservices in Spring Boot and JPA
  • Experience building RESTful APIs
  • Experience designing scalable microservices
  • Experience working with Docker
  • Hands-on experience working with the following GCP tools: IAM, GKE, Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL, Cloud Pub/Sub, Stackdriver, Cloud Profiler, Cloud Run
  • Knowledge of SQL
  • Experience working with Postgres and Cloud SQL
  • Hands-on experience with profiling and debugging microservices running in the cloud
  • Good writing and communication skills
  • Experience in Pulumi is a plus
  • Experience in DevOps is a plus
  • Experience in Bitbucket Pipelines or GitHub Actions is a plus

Who are we?

Juakali is a SaaS technology provider enabling Financial Inclusion.

Our mission is to empower Financial Services Providers (FSPs) serving the 3 Bn underbanked with advanced technologies that simplify daily operations & customer interactions.

We are a cloud-native company, running our micro-services on Kubernetes and our support platforms managed. We focus on development, design and functionality.

Although we are a small startup, we are already global, our people work from all around the world. Our teams are remote, working from wherever they are. It gives our people freedom; we only ask them to be responsible.

You can work from anywhere you like as well as long as you have an internet connection, our office is located in Slack.

We are expecting a candidate to join ASAP.

Why us?

CTC range: 15 LPA to 30 LPA (according to exp and profile)

Fast learning environment within a team of cheerful, passionate, talented, and international people.

You will find it easy to keep a good work-life balance.

You will be closely working with industry experts to have a positive impact on the business of our customers.

Opportunity to drive transformation in one of the fastest-growing industries.

The local contract includes a pension fund and health insurance for you and your family.

You can learn more about us @

Website – www.juakali.io

Email - hello@juakali.io

LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/company/juakali-io/